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    Hi!  I am the GM of <Carebears> a recently formed guild on Sargeras.  We are looking to recruit new raiders for our 10m roster.  Our goal is to get MoltenWoW wide Server Firsts.  I am a retail heroic experienced raider, p4 Rag Exp, 8/8HM Pre-most nerfs.. etc..  This is a US focused guild with raid times of Sunday-Thursday 8-11 EST.  I require 95%> attendance.  I do NOT plan to have a 15 man roster and will not be recruiting for the bench.  I require all members to do their research on their class(Reading old retail guides, simcrafting your stat weights.. ), have 2 raiding professions, and come to all raids with potions, flasks, and food.  If you are interested in joining, please head over to our forums and fill out an application.

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Why We Raid

Manarama, Jul 21, 12 4:17 PM.
        The reason we raid is to be the best.  I raid to get server firsts.  Their is a certain prestige which comes with this.  I do not use any bugged tactics for kills.  We will not bug out the boss, use glitched spots, etc.. if their is a way to do it without using these tactics.  For any of you who play retail, you know about the LFR scandal.  This is exactly the type of reputation I am not looking for.
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